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Scuba Divers looking at a sunken boiler from a PNW shipwreck

Are you an active certified diver looking to get involved in underwater Archeological projects?

The MAS dive team is a dedicated crew of shipwreck and history enthusiasts who are fascinated by archeology and the maritime history of the Pacific Northwest. Throughout the year we work on several MAS projects, host fun dives and meet-ups and provide in-water and archeological training opportunities.


If you have not already joined, become a MAS member and sign the MAS ethics statement on our Membership Page!

  1. Fill out the MAS Annual Information Form

  2. Fill out the MAS Annual Diving Medical History Form

  3. Fill out the MAS Diver Release Form and the MAS Volunteer Release Form

  4. Email all completed forms to

  5. Read and Understand the MAS Standards For Scientific Diving Manual

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