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Shipwrecks of the Pacific Northwest: Tragedies and Legacies of a Perilous Coast

Shipwrecks of the Pacific Northwest book

Over the past 350 years, an untold number of ships have met their end along the northern Oregon and southern Washington coasts. Shipwrecks of the Pacific Northwest investigates some of the most compelling historic shipwrecks—from the infamous to the nearly forgotten. Explore a handful of these vessels, fated to have their final resting place along 150 miles of the rugged Northwest coastline, including near the dangerous mouth of the Columbia River. Combining archaeological analysis and new research, this unique collection uncovers the tales of peril, tragedy, and heroism along with the tangible legacies and an exploration of what remains.

Big thank you to all individuals who put forth many many hours of time to complete this book. These include Jennifer Kozik, Scott Williams, Jeff Smith, Christopher Dewey, Theodore “Tod” Lundy, Jim Sharpe, Jeff Groth, and Robert Johnson.

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